Sunday, 30 October 2011

So Far - So Good!

A good start to our little venture to promote all things good in Dorset!

With 80 folk following on Twitter all ready!

Those who do follow and reside within Dorset will get a free plug on this blog, just like the others who are all ready on here.

Just remember it's a two way thing, we support you and you support us, so if you get the chance to Retweet us then it will be much appreciated!

We hope in the coming months once our numbers are up to put together some advertising campaigns where by for a very small fee, and I do mean a very small fee, you can have your business showcased with an in depth blog post and upto 6 retweets of your business on a given day.

So plenty of things planned for the future, but first, lets grow those followers on Twitter!

You can find us on Twitter at -  Dorsetreview

Thats all for now folks...........

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