Thursday, 27 October 2011

Military Fitness Bootcamp - Weymouth, Dorset

Military Fitness Bootcamp - Weymouth

“Boris” Stone and Chris “Billy” Smart, (you can tell they’re ex-army can’t you, over 30 years between them), have been running residential fitness boot camps, military style, for some time.
They met over 2 years ago when Billy was training for the London Marathon, and after sustaining a leg injury Boris offered his services.
Since then Boris and Billy have been working on projects together ever since.
Boris has been running his own personal and corrective training  company for 9 years and Billy an event management company for 2 years.
Together they have been running Residential Bootcamps for over 18 months and now running their own in Weymouth,Dorset.  And they have recently teamed up with the Outdoor Fitness Company in the North East of England and Charmaine Bates who runs the female only non military weekends.

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