Monday, 31 October 2011

Dorset Review - How Do We Make Money?

So what are we all about here at Dorset Review and @dorsetreview

Dorset Review is an idea that I've had for a little while, being passionate about my County and my home town of Shaston.

Having been involved with the internet for many years now, and with various projects/websites in operation there is no faster way of getting your message across then social networking.

In particular Twitter, being fast and instant, but with that you require a steady and easy to control base which is where the blog comes in. Combining the two together provides a powerful and easy to use format whereby we can promote all things Dorset.

But, I hear you ask, what's in it for you? And what's in it for us?

OK, so lets take the what's in it for you. You are gaining exposure that you wouldn't of got otherwise. The potential for the tweets, both ours and yours to travel around not only the local area but the world is amazing. More exposure no matter how it comes on the web is simply great advertising.

A permanent presence on the blog is also critical, not only that but the way that search engine's work is through their own technical search and seek spiders which continually trawl the web for new content. The more new content placed on a website the more it is seen.

With the amount of promotion and new posts that the blog has on a daily basis, this is simply what the search spiders love! So if you haven't updated or changed your website for a while, maybe its due a review?

So, what's in it for me? Well, apart from supporting all who reside within this fabulous County of ours I make money, not alot, but an amount from all the adds that are placed by Google by the right of each post. However, I only make money if these adverts are clicked on! So please feel free!!

We also would like to support and promote you by offering a tweeting service whereby for a small fee, your business will be the promoted business of the day, with a number of tweets all highlighting your cause, venture or business. You will also get a full and comprehensive write up on the blog of your venture.

As we run a number of other twitter accounts and our association with other business networking sites, it is fairly easy to retweet to a massive audience to get your message across.

If you are interested in this please feel free to contact me at

I hope you found this informative, we have no hidden agenda, just the simple idea of you scratch our back and we will scratch yours! Sometimes in business we over complicate things, here, we like to keep thing simple!


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