Monday, 7 November 2011

LA Marketing And Design - Dorset

LA Marketing And Design - Dorset

We often get asked about the LA and where it came from.  Well, contrary to popular belief  it’s definitely not from Los Angeles, as we are instead based in sunny Dorset in the UK.  And so the LA simply came from our initials – Lionel & Alison. Not rocket science we know, however they worked well together and so that’s how we became LA Marketing & Design.

We started our business back in 2001, when we both wanted a change from our current positions. Lionel’s background was in corporate Director level sales & marketing, and Alison’s was in corporate IT and Remarketing, which meant our skillset formed the perfect match to go it alone. With our knowledge and experience we have been in the fortunate position to advise many new and young business entrepreneurs the right route forward to market their businesses, focussing on their strengths making them aware of their opportunities whilst maximising their ROI, resulting in steady and successful growth.

LA Marketing and Design are experienced in delivering high quality marketing services, working side by side with their clients to promote their services ensuring they are reaching their target audience. From transforming a company brand, rebuilding a website and designing all forms of promotional material.  Any successful business these days cannot exist without a web presence in one form or another.

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