Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The Conservatory Village - Hants And Dorset

The Conservatory Village

Chris Lodge became involved in the replacement Window and Conservatory business in the early 1990's. He was made managing director of a small manufacturing plant and soon realised that as far as that company's customers were concerned they were not being  offered a choice but only products that were manufactured by the company.

Then came the time to upgrade various pieces of manufacturing  equipment. Whilst doing cost comparisons between manufacturing on what was a relatively small scale (200-300 windows per week) it became obvious to Chris that his company should use  their expertise in being able to offer the right window to their customers.

The company was formed in October 1997 offering windows and doors manufactured in profile from some of the industries most respected names - Rehau, Smarts, Kwest to name but a few. All the windows and doors  are manufactured in the UK using Kite Marked components.

Since Conservatory Village was founded it can now offer probably the widest range of products than offered by any other company in the UK. To the customer this mean genuine  impartial advice because we have the product and can supply and install at prices that are more competitive than large national and small manufacturing companies.

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