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Dorset Hog Roast And BBQ's

Dorset Hog Roast And BBQ's

So we can provide the most succulent and tender hog roasts possible, we roast the pig for at least eight hours and we usually roast for ten hours. This produces 'pulled pork' which literally falls off the bone and the crackling is also as good as it gets! 

Ask for our customer recommendations (yes, real people!) which all praise our fantastic hog roast. 

Because we roast our hogs for twice as long as other caterers, it would be impractical to cook from the start on site so we start spit roasting at our premises then transport the roasting hog in the oven to the event where it continues roasting until serving.

This process is also much less intrucive because we do not need all day access however the guests still experience the unique aroma of roasting hog. 

Due to the use of a top quality marquee, the hog roast experience can still be guaranteed if it rains. The hog can be roasted outside then taken indoors for serving.

It is important that you let us have an accurate guest number so that a suitable hog can be provided to ensure that all your guests are well fed. 

200gms of meat per person is ample. A typical hog of 55kgs provides about 65% of delicious meat or about 35.75 kilos which is around 357 gms for an event of a hundred guests, ensuring lots of seconds!


1. We start spit roasting the hog at our premises at least ten hours before serving time.

2. We transport the hog in the hot mobile spit roast oven to the event arriving 2 hours before serving.

3. The hog continues to roast while we set up our marque and catering equipment.

4. Salads etc if ordered, the baps, hot stuffing balls, crackling, apple sauce and disposables are     
prepared on the serving table.

5. About 30 minutes before serving, chef starts carving the hog into the hot trays.

6.  The server starts serving the guests at the required time.

6. Any food not eaten will be left for the client's use therefore the client will need to provide suitable containers.

7. When service has ended, we clean  the immediate area and pack away the equipment leaving you to enjoy your event.

8. How much a hog roast?

Click on the link to find out above!!

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