Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Interim - Conceptual Art And Design Studio - Bournemouth

Interim - Conceptual Art And Design Studio - Bournemouth
interim is a collaboration between UK-based digital artists, Ben Trill and Esther Yarnold, and was established in spring 2004 whilst studying at The Arts Institute at Bournemouth. From September 2006 interim’s collaboration became a full-time partnership based at Lighthouse, Poole’s Centre for the Arts, offering a diverse range of creative services. 

interim’s aim is to create playful, engaging and aesthetic art and design work, for broad and diverse audiences, focusing on issues of negative space in both real and unreal worlds. Inspired by the physical properties and constraints of a location, situation or brief, the partnership brings together their different disciplines and aspirations enabling the creation of diverse and compelling work. They work closely with people to encourage creativity and reflection, resulting in high-quality end products. 

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